About Me

My quilting journey began when a friend invited to me to a weekend quilt away. I had never quilted but I did know the basics of sewing a straight line. After my 3rd year going I decided to make my own quilt. I fell in love with it. I wanted to make it complete from start to finish. I learned how to quilt designs using my domestic machine by watching YouTube videos. My first year I completed 21 quilts. I made them for family friends or anyone who needed a quilty hug. After a year I bought my first longarm. I had wonderful quilting friends that trusted me with their beautiful quilt tops. It didn't take long before I knew I wanted to do this full time. From there Stitched2Pieces was born and quickly grew. In addition to offering long arm services, I began taking orders to make quilts. They ranged from Baby to king size quilts. I have a passion for long arming and especially custom quilting. As my 4th homeschooled child reached high school level, I began to feel that big question of "What's next." Here is my "What's next!"

At Stitched2Pieces I value my relationships that God has planted in my life. I value my customers who are trusting me with their quilt tops. Some of which were pieced by loved ones who are no longer here. I am committed to taking care of their quilts as if they were mine and treating them how I wish to be treated. After all we are all on this journey together!